The harmonics emanating from the human fractal are constantly entangling into an orchestral web of holographic vibrations.    

Sonic emissions affect the quantum state of each cell in our bodies- conglomerating into what we call a “feeling”.  As conscious creators of our reality, it is in our power to create shifts in the sonic field around us as one path toward our desired change.


Different frequencies are said to have different impacts on the human mind, body, and spirit.   Just listening to song can make us feel any number of ways from elated to energized to melancholy and everything above below and in between. There is now a myriad of scientific research out there that uses EEG feedback, microscopic data, and more, to show how the brain reacts to various sonic inputs.

Using sound in certain ways (i.e. binaural beats, pure tones, etc) can create synchronized mind and body coherence which is proven to restore balance within ones biological systems to the point where disease or negative external impact is less likely.  Physiological possibilities include, creating greater coherence in brain activity, synchronizing and stabilizing the heart rate, clearing stuck emotions, and more. When all the parts of you start coming into harmony, you reach a place where you are able to powerfully resonate with all the things you wish to accomplish in your life.

Take the mind for example.

In any given moment, we are operating from one of these states:


Beta (14 – 40 Hz):  The waking conscious & reasoning state.  This is associated with normal states of consciousness, most prevalent during our day to day activities when we employ logical and reason-based thinking in a state of heightened alertness. Beta is important for conscious thinking and reasoning, however it is also responsible for the “inner critic” of doubt which prevents us from acting out and grasping from a place of purity.

Alpha (7.5 – 14 Hz): meditation, daydreaming, deep relaxation.  This is the state where the mind becomes programmable.  It heightens your imagination, visualization, memory, learning, and concentration.  “The gateway to your subconscious mind”, the space between conscious and unconscious awareness.

Theta (4 – 7.5 Hz): After descending the brain frequency below 7.5Hz, a barely conscious Alpha state into sleep states, you enter into a Theta state. REM sleep, deep meditation, hypnosis.  This is the state of purity, divorced from any conscious-minded influence, where we experience profound creativity, vivid visualizations, incredible insight, it’s what dreams are made of.

Alpha-Theta (7 – 8Hz):  This is the optimal “middle zone” state, straddling the fence in between conscious and unconscious brain activity, which is optimal for visualization and creativity.  It is where you have the power to consciously create your reality.  Your conscious mind is still barely active, but your body is in such a relaxed state that the stresses cannot influence you to act on them.  Interestingly, the Schumann resonance, the resonance of the Earth, also falls within this field (7.83 Hz).  If we would like to strive towards a meditative, clear, and peaceful state, away from a tangle of confused thoughts, we can try applying alpha-theta brain wave frequencies.  While we are in this state, the gateway into our subconscious mind opens and we are empowered to change deep rooted patterns that are holding us back.  We can re-access the purity of our creative minds, the depth of our immagination, and the power of awareness which is the pathway toward radical healing and change, face to face with the reality of what is without the polution of expectations of our environment and illusions of the outer world who tend to influence us to go against our nature.

Delta (0.5 – 4Hz):  Deep sleep state.  This is the slowest state associated with deep, dreamless sleep, transcendental meditation, where awareness and conscious thinking are fully detached.

Gamma (40Hz+): This is the fastest known frequency a human brain state can enter.  Little is known about this state, but it is associated with bursts of insight, genius, and high-level information processing.

Binaural Brain Entrainment: Resonating & adapting with each brain state through sound:

If we want to achieve a certain desired brain state, like the alpha-theta state, we could employ a technique called “binaural brain entrainment”.  The frequency of alpha-theta of about 7-8Hz is not audible to the human ear (the average range of human hearing is 20Hz to 20,000Hz; below 20 is called infrasound and above 20,000 is called ultrasound). When we take two pure frequencies whose difference equals 8Hz and play one in each ear, the brain generates a third auditory illusory tone- the difference of the two.

For example, if we play 136Hz and 128Hz, the difference of 136 – 128 = 8Hz, the tone our brain would create and resonate.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 1.46.36 PM

More Sonic Healing Frequencies 101

The ancient art of sound healing spans long and far throughout the history of humanity, namely applying specific sonic frequencies to the human mind and body to achieve different healing results.  Here are some examples of frequencies that have been said to correspond to different states/body parts/planetary bodies/illnesses/states/etc.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 1.49.30 PM

Human chakras:

  • Crown:  172.06 Hz
  • Third Eye:  221.23 Hz
  • Throat:  141.27 Hz
  • Heart:  136.1 Hz
  • Solar Plexus:  126.22 Hz
  • Sacral:  210.42 Hz
  • Root:  194.18 Hz

It is said that when you apply a tuning fork to the point of each region of the body that corresponds to the above chakras/frequencies, that the body’s distorted frequencies can potentially start to harmonize with the pure frequency of the tone applied, and ordered healing can be restored.  The weighted tuning forks pictured above are mainly used to press against the skin, whereas the ones without the weighted ends are usually made for energetic rebalancing.

Some more theoretically proposed healing frequencies include:

Solfeggio Frequencies:  Special tones used since ancient Gregorian chants that are said to cause chaotic molecules to reorder into coherent structured patterns and shapes when resonanted.  This can be verified in cymatics experiments (using a plate of sand vibrating on top of an amp).  Each vibration is said to have a different healing effect on human cells and energy structures. 

  • 174 Hz:  Removing Pain
  • 285 Hz: Influencing Energy Fields
  • 396 Hz:  Liberating Guilt and Fear (red)
  • 417 Hz:  Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change (orange)
  • 528 Hz:  Transformation, Love, DNA Repair (gold)
  • 639 Hz:  Connecting/Relationships (green)
  • 741 Hz:   Awakening Intuition (blue)
  • 852 Hz:  Returning to Spiritual Order (purple)

Brain-wave Frequencies:  When the octaves are multipled from the base brain wave frequencies listed above, tuning forks can be used in an audible hearing range

  • Alpha:  264 Hz
  • Beta:  271 Hz
  • Delta:  259 Hz
  • Theta:  262 Hz
  • Foundation:  256 Hz

DNA Nucleotides

  • Adenine: 545.6 Hz
  • Guanine: 550 Hz
  • Thymine: 543.4 Hz
  • Cytocine:  537.8 Hzz


  • Sun:  126.22 Hz (also solar plexus)
  • New Moon: 210.42 hz
  • Mercury:  141.27 Hz (also throat)
  • Venus:  221.23 Hz (also third eye)
  • Earth: (day) 194.18 Hz
  • Mars:  144.72 Hz
  • Jupiter:  183.58 Hz
  • Saturn:  147.85 Hz
  • Uranus:  207.36 Hz
  • Neptune:  211.44 Hz
  • Pluto:  140.25 Hz

Body Parts

  • Blood:  321.9 Hz
  • Adrenals, Thyroid & Parathyroids:  492.8 Hz
  • Kidneys:  319.88 Hz
  • Liver:  317.83 Hz
  • Bladder:  352 Hz
  • Intestines:  281 Hz
  • Lungs:  220 Hz
  • Colon:  176 Hz
  • Gall Bladder:  164.3 Hz
  • Pancreas:  117.3 Hz
  • Stomach:  110 Hz
  • Brain:  315.8 Hz
  • Fat Cells:  295.8 Hz
  • Muscles:  324 Hz
  • Bone:  418.3 Hz

Other Frequencies used throughout history to heal and entrain: 

  • 7.83 Hz:  Schumann Frequency (Earth’s frequency)
  • 128 Hz
  • 432 Hz
  • 512 Hz
  • 936 Hz:  Theoretically helps to clear the mind and activate the creative power of thought