Metaphysical Sound Design

Ableton 11 Drone Lab Info

For those of you with Ableton 11, you can download my sound design work collaboration in the Drone Lab series for free here.

The concept behind these instruments was to design tools to help people expand their exploration in the realm of sound and how it can affect matter & consciousness, using specific frequencies that resonate with you mental, physical, and spiritual field in specific ways. More information and in depth explanation coming soon!

Digital instruments &

sample creations

Some instruments in ableton I have programmed are; 3rdeyez, Xerkaba, Xarp, Xither, Solfeggio Mirror Forks, Solfeggio Mirror Gong, and many sounds, including ambisonic recordings of my tuning forks, harps, electromagnetic recordings, and more. All of these were programmed for you with love for you.

More tools and guidance for those of you wishing to connect to the power of frequencies are coming soon.